Proverb Newsome

Light Up Your Life ft. Amiee Fahnestock

P. Newsome, E.Whitaker


We always wanted to do another back and forth joint since 360 on the Souljourn project. This song was perfect for that. I remember we were in the studio and Edge hit some verses then me and then we put it all together. One of my favorite 1Way joints to date!!!!! Big ups to Jon Barahona for some dope key re-creations, and Aimee for some red hot vocals!!!!!!



If ya wanna know why we do

Every little thing that we do

Bringin you the word oh so true

TO light up your life

If you wanna know why we sing

Its cause the Redeemer came

Your living will not be in vein

If you let Him light up your life

Edge Verse 1 pt. 1:

Look here play boy, don’t try and play boy

God is the only one who can stop 1Way boy

Around here better watch what you say boy

We live for Christ all night and all day boy

Proverb Verse 1 Pt. 2:

I’m sayin, How you goin try and trick God He’s omniscient.

How you goin try and hide sin from omnivision

We better start lernib bout relationship livin cause

We on some ole one day a week type religion.

Edge Verse 1 pt. 3:

Im’a righteous man, I run with a righteous fam,

Might just hand a CD to a righteous fan;

Man or woman doesn’t matter we all in,

Trying to be a net for men that’s fallin.

Proverb Verse 1 Pt. 4:

I wanna be driven by one pure and Holy passion

To know and follow hard after the King everlasting

After all, this world is empty pale and poor

Compared to the shine of the Lord that’s for sure.


Proverb Verse 2 Pt. 1:

If you want it raw, we that crew bring you more

Pour our spiritual nutrition like a can of ensure

To edify, magnify, glorify and unify like KJ from SOI.

Edge Verse 2 Pt. 2:

We draw nigh to the cause

Just because the clause was spoken with flaws for all yall

Call on Him, if I was you I’d start runnin

Think about it all right now and stop frontin. 

Proverb Verse 2 Pt. 3:

Livin life blunted, maturation growth stunted

Turning ya back on Christ yet ya constantly confronted with Him

U better catch these gem that we dropping

Revelations 3:20 guess who at the door knockin?

Edge Verse 2 Pt. 4:

We been keeping the spots hype,

Holding blocks down where brothers be holding they glocks tight

We not the pop type,we stalk stages and rock the mics

Rep Christ while we holdin up the light.



Edge Verse 3 Pt. 1:

I ain’t trying to see the mark of the beast,

I’d rather a brand new one from the Mark of The East

And see God continue leaving His mark on the streets

I want this verse felt like it’s a part of the beat.

Proverb Verse 3 Pt. 2:

Now jump outta ya seat

We spit that heat for your metropolis

Lightin you up with truth like a million indiglo watches will

Stop and chill, we on the grind like a coffee mill

Pointing out the obvious to you like we was Dr. Phill

Bomb Beach to Beacon Hill

Catskills to Brazil

Holla at 1 Wizzle if ya really wanna keep it real

Yea, and that real is a person

Drink the living water called Christ if ya thirstin.

Edge Verse 3 Pt. 3:

I know you like this feel good music

I know your looking for some real good music

You didn’t know that we could bring it like this

You know the words, help the sister sing it l