Proverb Newsome

Stagestalkers ft. Exillian & Eddie Nigma

P. Newsome, E. Whitaker, R. Morales, N. Natal, J. Hernandez


Love to the crew!!!! Stagestaker in the buildin'!


Proverb's Verse:

Let me rent ya mind like a memory, tenants get evicted

Rhyme so you can get convicted of ya sickly way of livin

Make a style twist like a dreadlock

Breakin’ up a cypha like the feds when I spit it on ya block and it

Don’t stop! Watch me reign with Christ Jesus, it won’t stop!

Throwin Him bones won’t appease Him. Nope!

He’s after ya heart and after that attraction

They after gold, and after that the platinum.

Time to ring the bell on these cats life is much deepa than rollin trees up

and hitttin honeys ease up! Freeze up! Lift ya eyes to the celestial

The kingdom of The Lord is at hand, this time it’s rhyming tho

This brotha Rhyme to show ain’t no life with out Jesus

Ya best works and best rhymes are like feces, (Oh)!

That’s why my crew will stalk a stage or two

We spit the red letters on fertile soil then we look for fruit.