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My Blog is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Blog is back! It has been years since I wrote a blog but it is now back I just posted something short and sweet. If you had checked it out before revisit, if you have never checked it out there is a ton of stuff on there that lets you get backstage access to my everyday life. Go peep it and let me know what you think. Click Here

New Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It has been a while (6 Years to be exact) but new music from Proverb Newsome is coming. There is no official release date yet but he has been in the studio and is recording new music. If you're a fan this is exiting news. If you just stumbled across this, now is the time to disover the voice behind A Common Man's Opus. For the debut of the album cover and track listing is your spot! Stay tuned.

Christ Fellowship + Proverb = Kingdom Building


Today I had a chance to work with Tim Allen the associate director of creative media at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and his team. We shot a bumper to their new sermon series "Love On" that is coming up this month. The topic they gave me was "The Least of These / The One", which is the first sermon in the series. It is a spoken word type joint. I has a great time with their squad. If you go to CF look for ya boy or catch the end result here soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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