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More Ringtones Now Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Hope this Christmas is filled with Christ for you this year. Be intentional about making sure to look for his gift this Holiday Season. And speaking of gifts....I just wanted to send you a lil note to let you know that 7 new ringtone are up for you to lace your phone with just in time for the holiday season! Just added were ringtones for the following songs: The Genesis, Never Quit, You (PJ'S Song), D.O.W.N. , True Love Song, Get At It, and Audio Adrenaline Remix. We are hard at work trying to get The Fishbowl up as well. When we accomplish this you will be the first to know. Just go to the music part of the site and look for Ringtones. Then just click on the ringtone title that you want to buy and follow the directions from there. Please make sure that your phone accepts the format in which the ringtone will be sent to you. Thanks again for your continued support of my music and mission. Merry Christmas, and Keep hustlin' ya faith! Proverb

Proverb's Crew 1Way Now Has CDs Available Online!!!!!

Proverb's crew 1Way now has it's classic CDs available online. If you are a long time fan of Proverb then you already know about 1Way, if not this is the crew that Proverb came from and is still apart of. Their past releases Souljourn (originally released on Seventh Street Records in 1999) and Footprints of A Souljourn(released on Stagestalker Entertainment) are now available. They have never before been available online. Just click the links below! Also look for these titles on iTunes. Check the crew out at Buy the CD
1WAY: Souljourn
click to order
Buy the CD
1WAY: Footprints of A Souljourn
click to order

Proverb's blog

I had breakfast with a bunch of brothers this morning, and one of them said I should write a blog. I told him I already do! So incase you too were unaware of my blog, here is the link: I would love it if you read it and left a comment! I would also equally love it if you chose to become a subscriber to it. It's my life welcome to it! Enjoy.

It's A Wrap!

The Audio Adrenaline Video is done! I think JDizzle did a hot job with it. I hope you dig it as much as I do. It was a hard process, but one that I won't forget. This is my first video ever. I would love to get your feedback. So hit up my guestbook with your comments. I would love to hear what you think. Enjoy!

Lights, Camera, and Almost Action

Sup fam? Just wanted you to know that the Audio Adrenaline Video is in the final editing stages. It should be done real soon! In other news, you can now cop A Common Man's Opus on That is so hot to me because when I found Amazon some years back, it was and is one of my favorite spots to cop music. So naturally I'm honored to be on there. As more spot starts to pick up the CD, I'll be sure to bring the links to ya. Just go to the products link to find them!

Audio Adrenaline Video In the Works

I recently had an opportunity to shoot the video for my single Audio Adrenaline. It was a blast. 2Edge of 1Way, L.E.X. of Christ Affiliates, DJ Dundada, Lpod & JDUB (who actually shot the vid) made an appearence in it as well. It is now in the editing process and as soon as it is ready it will debut right here on this site! Until then tell everyone you know about the site and the CD. We must keep hustling our faith, and music that is infused with the Gospel!!! Holla

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