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When is Your CD Coming Out?

I have been asked this question a lot recently. When is your album coming out? The truth is I hope this year, but I have no release date. Maybe I should start there huh? The recording is done some songs are mixed and the process is well under way, yet it seems a lil stalled at the same time. I have toyed around with crowdfunding the project. I know it is popular and I am sure there is a genius out there who would love to manage that for me (if so get at me). LOL No seriously!

In the meantime here is my update, I am finalizing artwork, scheduling mix sessions, and getting things ready to roll out later this year. I will post more news when I have an official release date.

I am really excited about the project. I got to work with some very cool artist and producers. Some you know, some you will be introduced to for the first time. What started as a small dream a while back has now become a vision for me to see through to completion. Just know I am am working! Thanks for you patience. Reach out to me anytime on social media. I would love to get it in with you. I do respond and it is really me, I promise.

Till next time pray for me and I"ll pray for you!



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