Proverb Newsome

Past The Distractions

The Advoc8 ft. Proverb


Ad hit me up on myspace and wanted to do a colab joint so that how this came to be. This is a solid dude.


Prov's verse. Gotta throw off dem thangs that so easily distract me Like the dem shiny watches that I see, I could be Out on a spending spree, making and flippin G’s, or caught up with dem cats who ain’t afraid to bust heat, but that ain’t me. Now, back when I was buggin? When I was clubbin, trying to find girls for huggin. I lived for only me; till my eyes came to see only through Jesus the Christ could I be really free. Eternal liberty I rock it like a bandana, and sin can’t play me no more like Santana. So my past is behind me, its history He snatched me from the Brinkley like Christie. Ya get me? No chasin lollipops, Got up out the candy shop, my soul’s worth more than 50 cents plus hell is hot. So step right or get left. You can live eternally with Christ or keep breathin to death.