Proverb Newsome

Recognize from Gone Fishin'

Rawsrvnt ft. Proverb
Written by Eduardo I. Puyol & Proverb Newsome


Srv was was in the process of doing his Cd Gone Fishin' and asked me to do a track for him as well as appear on it. Turned out to be a pretty dope collaboration!


(Srv) Repent, Repent, Cause the Kingdom of GOD is at hand,

(Srv) Yo, CHRIST is King, Ya betta recognize, (Prov) And JESUS is Lord GOD, (Prov & Srv) The Most High, (Srv) Yo, CHRIST is King, Ya betta recognize, (Prov) In HIM we trust, (Prov & Srv) And in HIM we abide,

(Srv) Verse 1
Im 4 real, CHRIST is the King, Supreme, And Head Honcho, Also, The Chief Cornerstone, And ruler of my life, HEs da macho Picasso, Painting a perfect picture, Thats so colossal, So beautiful, Hes so fly, I feel like, Taking HIM out 4 shrimp and lobsters, And, Pickin up da tab, Cause HE gave me somethan betta, Than Circuit, City can gave me, With not a single refund to ask for, True Emancipation, Let me tell you some mo, Exchanged our filthy rags, For HIS divine righteousness, And a chance to live in Heaven 4 eva, If we just believe, In whom HE, Really & truly is, The Almighty KING, Who shed HIS blood, For you and me, So take heed, And except, JESUS as your KING now, Dawg, While you still can man, Cause Salvation is free sistren & brethren, 4 real, Man I aint playing, Im dead up serious, Best to claim JESUS as your LORD, Dats no joke dawg, Straight UP,


(Prov) Verse2
Check, You need to know HIM like, Eric & Anson Dawkins, Yo its CHRIST you should be hawkin, Close ya mouth kid stop squawkin Start walkin fore ya knees buckle and start balkin,
Ya shoulders cant take the weight they too soft man, Sooner or later ya dirt nap in a coffin, You know in this rhyme its your name Hes callin, No more excuses its time to quit stallin,
Repeatedly you hittin the wall on ya own man, Ya powers out dated like Duran Durans band, Youre like a bike fallin down wit no kickstand, Youre like a good idea wit no business plan, We rep CHRIST from Bomb Beach to Japan, The Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace, The Great I Am, I’ll slam a Jam wit a chance to rock it, My Bible fully loaded Im not afraid to cock it, truth is freeing ya arm out the socket, Crowd jumpin around like the floors hot kid, If you want more, Raw servin˜em at Da Spot kid, Wildin out givin GOD Praise, We never stop it, Stay anonymous in this game no need for props kid, 5 gold mics from my LORD is when I stop this,


(Srv) Yo, Receive CHRIST And Life will follow, Obstacles youll tackle, Like Linebacker, Junior Seau, Since I abide in CHRIST, I chuckle mo den Astro, Cause I am so pleased, To see what Hes done in me, And continues to do, Hey boo-boo, The ranger dun pruned me up, For HIS good purpose, I am glad Ive surrendered and fully trust, In our Savior, Cause dere is no one greater, Then Christ JESUS our LORD, Believe us, When we say, CHRIST is the only way, To Da FATHER 4 sure, You got degree, I feel da heat burning

Cuz like J. Singleton, We bringin you higher learnin, Truth concernin your soul, Da inner yous yearning for, An unconditional love ya cant earn fam, Let CHRIST find you like Lycos dot com can, Get in HIS Army and serve HIM like ya Uncle Sam, He will keep ya inner spirit movin like a Palm Tran, Tu comprende, Yo duke you understand, Recognize nobody loves you like my GOD can, We stand together as light to part the dark, So catz can move from dey sin & give GOD dey heart, This is the art of translation like grits, The gospel plus hip-hop equalin fish, Dats how we do in the Souf, Keepin it rowdy, Soul Deep & Souljourn reppin HIM loudly

Chorus out