New Single Believe (Didn't You Know) Coming on July 25th!!!!!!!!!

On July 25th, Prov will release his latest single Believe (Didn't You Know) ft. Dwight Hernandez. This will be Prov's 2nd single this year, and his 4th in two years. To say he has been putting in work would be an understatement.

Believe will cover new ground sonically for Prov. It is a departure from his old-school, golden era roots into a more modern sound. Don't worry though, the bars are still there. Those were not left behind. 

Prov stated " I really like this song! I did not think I would but I really do. It all came together in just the right way. God's timing is always on point."

If you were wondering yes there is a full length project on the way as well. The name and artwork will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

Look out for Believe on 7.25.22.

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