From the recording God'sfellaz II BGE Remix


I can spit a flow dats hot w/o gimmicks
First rule, it’s gotta be real, authentic
Don’t try to serve anotha dudes life, you mimic
Can’t spin it. And no I don’t bragging about sinning
Mine hydrates it’s dipped in the beginning
Genesis to the close
frenemies and foes
Can forever get it cause I just spit it how it is
While you livin to die, I stay dyin to live.
Givin you hard beats like 808 or
rather His heartbeat from out the crate.
Clipped pieces so I can spit this thesis
Dead loops resurrected now that's Jesus.
They say I'm old school,
I say I'm classic, timeless, in a game that gone mindless.
all it takes is one mic, I got dat
plus his light to search for where ya hearts at
A mic knights
Ima hit you live
I don't need Maury, I know who my father is
And I don't need a test for me to find out
telling everybody so they say I stay dimed out
Ima rhyme out.
what he sayin, now you scopin huh?
Don't front you know I got you open.
Never a token, like Ra I'm never jokin
Bringing the light, but you low key in the dark groping.
Hoping one day you can taste freedom
Well freedom is the son and you need him.... Jesus.

Intellect's Verse:
High beams on with the flow to help you hydrate
Living water that'll make blind pupils dialate
I'm just trying to help you concentrate on keeping the faith
A marathon and I'm keeping the pace
God's grace has got me livin' in a new space
Where I don't need the Jordan 11's to help me elevate
Illuminate my mind, bro it's time you do the same
'Cause in the land of the free, we got people livin' in chains
The land of the brave, got'em livin' like slaves to their idols
With a self love and a consuming hate for their rivals
A never ending cycle, spinning
Playing Russian roulette with these bullets now tell me who's winning
We gotta go back to the beginning
'Cause livin' without Christ ain't really even livin'
People trippin' like they got WandaVision
What they perceive as perfect ain't nothin' but a prison, Lord forgive them

I run with some God Fellaz
That's tryna keep them commandments so we don't end up making God jealous
We doing what He tell us
Keeping it moving like me and my cousin Jack pushing our twin Chevy Berettas
Much more than just some religious men
From Genesis to the last period, the foundation of us ministers
Was serving Christ before I met the Mic
Doesn't mean I didn't make mistakes while digging deep in the crates
We following Jesus instead of the Waynes and the Drakes
Keep lifting up His name until the dawn & beat breaks
Thru the earthquakes and hurricanes, I'm still standing
Told y'all I'm staying in my lane, It ain't in vain
Trains, airplanes or Corollas/ Starbucks, Dunkin or even Folgers.. we staying on the grind​
So bring your mug, we'll fill it with something you can feel
It's in God we trust like the dollar bill.