New Single Believe (Didn't You Know) Coming on July 25th!!!!!!!!! 

On July 25th, Prov will release his latest single Believe (Didn't You Know) ft. Dwight Hernandez. This will be Prov's 2nd single this year, and his 4th in two years. To say he has been putting in work would be an understatement.

Believe will cover new ground sonically for Prov. It is a departure from his old-school, golden era roots into a more modern sound. Don't worry though, the bars are still there. Those were not left behind. 

Prov stated " I really like this song! I did not think I would but I really do. It all came together in just the right way. God's timing is always on point."

If you were wondering yes there is a full length project on the way as well. The name and artwork will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

Look out for Believe on 7.25.22.

What Is With The Eye Cover on The Gaze LP? 

Before there are any questions raised about the cover art of The Gaze LP, here is what I can tell you...... I have been a Christ follower for a long time. There is a saying the eyes are the window to the soul. That is why when you see my eye in this photo
(yes, it is my eye) you see a cross reflected. I was bought with a price. Jesus rules my art and my heart. This cd is called The Gaze LP. Based on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. The NLT version actually uses the word gaze! There is an old hymn that says it another way, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full on His wonderful face, and the things of the earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace!"  
I realize that people will have opinions and make assumptions but this truly is my reason behind the art work of my project. The only affiliation I want or will ever want is to be identified with Christ as one of his followers! Blessings

Proverb Is Now On Pandora 


You can now create a Proverb Newsome station on Pandora! If you have a pandora account, login, search Proverb Newsome and create your station!

Don't forget to tell your friends!!!!!!! 

This is one of those times, I just wanted to uplift a book that I think everyone should check out. So I hit up Christian Hip-Hop group 1Way and had them describe their devotional book in their own words.“This book was birthed from the desire of wanting to give something more than music to our fans and the people that we meet along our journey that need a kick start in their relationship with Jesus Christ,” shares 2Edge. “We know that the Bible is a tough read for many. Also, for many it’s hard to begin a regular routine of studying the scripture. It’s my prayer that this book helps you start a daily grind that will draw you closer to God.” “For me I was left with the impression that music is so powerful. People can remember where they were when they first heard a song and what they were doing and who they were with. At I concerts we have seen people get rocked by the Gospel thru Hip-Hop. I wanted to be a part of writing something that could make people feel the same way. I pray God uses this to reach, affect and change lives for his fame.” Proverb Newsome The book is available on the Create Space (An company) website, as well as the 1Way members individual websites (, and It is available on kindle. Check out a preview of the bookAbout the author:For decades, 2Edge, DJ Morph and Proverb have been making music to glorify the Lord to uplift and encourage His people, as well as point those who don’t know Him to the Way, the Truth and the Life. With this devotional, 1Way continues their mission. The group continues to expose what Christian life is like as they live it. 1Way has always attempted to let you see God at work through their music, as well as in their lives. It is their stated mission to point you to Christ and Christ crucified. This devotional book will continue in the vein of 1Way’s previous audio projects: Positive over Negative, Destination Unknown, Souljourn, Footprints of A Souljourn and Midnight Run. Midnight Run: A 40 Day Souljourn Down The Narrow Road is just another street sign to point the streets and anyone else who will listen to a risen Lord and watch Him draw all men, women, and children to Himself. For additional info visit:, and Follow them on twitter @proverbialman @2edgemusic @djmorph” - Spiritual Minded Magazine

Spiritual Minded Magazine

The Good News Bryon Mondok
Recently I had a blast interviewing Proverb Newsome for the Good News (for an article due out in September). I haven't had much of a chance to get to know Proverb. I appreciate him because he's been a positive force of influence in my son's life over the past few years since they worked together at Urban Youth Impact. I first met Proverb in passing about 15 years ago when I was serving in youth ministry at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale. We brought his band in to perform at a youth outreach event. I was the sound man. I was amazed by the humility of this group and how naturally they connected with the crowd. He's gone international with his music and ministry. He was a key part of bringing the gospel physically and spiritually hungry Cambodia. He served as a grunt taking part in the distribution of TONS of rice as well as performing in venues small and large. What I mean by small is he was able to intimately sit and sing and teach small groups of kids. He even taught them urban handshakes. When I say large, well, one venue drew around ten thousand Cambodians that never saw an American rapper live. He had the old Cambodian women waving their hands in the air like they just didn't care. When I say large, I mean massive; he was on TV getting into the homes of approximately 4.5 MILLION Cambodians on a live show singing songs with an uncompromising gospel message. Did I mention my own son was this trip with him? I haven't written about any Ãœber Christ Follower's in a long time. I'm happy to lead off a fresh series with this man of God. Read more about his trip to Cambodia on his blog. And if you have any influence in your church, book him.” - Bryon Mondok

Mondok Blog

Proverb comes from West Palm Beach, Florida, and began his hip-hop career back in the day as a primary contributor to the group 1 Way. Though he remains a part of that long-standing crew, which holds down a holy hip-hop head you’re probably familiar with, DJ Morphiziz, "A Common Man’s Opus" is the first solo release from this dope emcee. Cleverly opening up the album with the string sounds of a high-class orchestra, Proverb wastes no time, and removes the beat from the concert hall balcony, and drops it down hard for the common man, with a sound that is all "street." This east coast beat on "The Genesis" sets the tone for the first half of the album, which is an up-tempo pledge of allegiance to the cause of Christ that is brought in a militant style that manages to convey passionate devotion to Christ and the ministry of the Spirit, without coming across as a self-indulgent bible-thumper. Though Proverb spreads out his themes more broadly here and there throughout the "Opus," a good handful of tracks are pretty much banging anthems about this man’s devotion to God. And you’ll hear no complaints about that from me; it’s all good to hear a track that provokes and pumps you up to live your life the way you were created to be. Throughout "A Common Man’s Opus" Proverb lyrically carries his flow with the same demeanor and canter that inspires his message: confidence, raw passion, and plenty of fiery heat. As I already stated, Proverb’s beat and tempo hits hard from the get go and doesn’t let up for the next five tracks. Since there is nothing revolutionary about the sounds and style, about this time in the set I started to take in a hesitant breath and formulate a concerned thought, hoping for a coming change of pace. Right on cue, Proverb began to mix it up, altering the militant cadence midway through the sixth song (I say sixth, but the first song is only an intro, so it’s more accurately, halfway through the fifth "song"), "D.O.W.N.," with the gospel/ R&B female voice of Tiffany Port, who provides a much needed stylistic fluctuation with the track’s chorus, which tells of the joy of being born again. From here, the following song, "Fishbowl," continues the work of keeping this "Opus" fresh by introducing a new flavor with a classical guitar lick, violin-styled symph strokes, and a clean-toned baseline that begins to transition the entire flow of the album. At this point the tempo and content of the "Opus"progressively smooths out, broadens it’s themes, and moves toward a thoughtful and sober mood for the last couple tracks, before concluding the production with a remix of the most heated single, "Audio Adrenaline," which features DJ Morph on the turntables. With 8 songs, 1 intro, and 1 remix, you might think that these slim numbers equate to a short-changer for the listener, but I must say that the production so fluidly marches and then kneels before the curtain call with such purposeful execution, you feel content with where the conductor draws this "Opus" to a close. Though I don’t think I ever at any point sat in amazement at the production style or quality on "Opus," I did consistently smile and nod my head in appreciation at the skillful execution of tried and true engineering techniques, wise production decisions, and a purposeful, thematic flow that held my attention from start to finish. Instead of overpowering the production with glitzy attempts at being cutting edge, which reminds one of an out-of-control lead guitarist; the overall feel of the production with "Opus" more closely mirrors the refined skill and musicianship of an experienced jazz trio, adding fills and tones in order to create a fluid vibe and tell a clear and compelling story. Instead of a sloppy mess of a set that crams in a seemingly endless train of one-hit-wonder wannabes, Proverb’s production style confidently, yet carefully creates a fitting sound-scape for each track, keeping the whole "Opus" in mind, by interchanging a bluesy guitar riff or edgy DJ scratch here, and a tasteful bongo or keyboard fill there. This style of production, though not too outstanding, is smart, because it keeps the focus where it is intended to be, on the words and heart of the common man that is presenting this "Opus." Proverb comes through on his first solo set and truly lives up to his name. This man spits his lyrics in the same manner that I envision his stride: powerful, confident and thoughtful, not haphazardly, but in cadence to the beat of his heart. When it’s all said and done, this "Common Man’s Opus" is all about the promotion, representation, and allegiance to Jesus Christ. To get a deeper look, I recommend getting a preview of the following tracks: "The Genesis" is the track that sets it off, introducing Proverb as the common man with a little bit of heat to share; "You (PJ’s song)," is probably my favorite track because of the nice Curtis Mayfield-type bongo beat that drives this single, which takes a look at Proverb’s past female relationships and the journey that united him with his true love; "Audio Adrenaline" is the most obvious radio-friendly single of the set, and is one of those anthems I told you about, calling the "street" to peep the cross and resurrection of the Lord; "Fishbowl" is a unique look into the mentality of a Christian emcee who is constantly aware of the many eyes inspecting his lifestyle to see if he’s walking what he’s talking; "True Love Song" is some genuine hip-hop trying to break it down for the people where true love comes from; and "Get At It" finishes things up by kicking a somber, East Coast piano loop that sets the tone for a song that takes one last stab at getting some ears to hear... "Get up and get at it, you need to fiend it like an addict, procrastination ain’t never fed the hunger of a savage, as sure as I’m rapping, Christ can make it happen, get closer to Him, and blow up in due fashion." I do definitely recommend picking up the album as a whole rather than just a song or two, because it really comes at you as a complete collection, instead of a collection of singles.” - peopleofpromise

Sphere of Hip-Hop Michael Poole
Life & Times Geppapa
Cross Rhythms UK Ian Martin
A Common Man's Opus is fire! I would highly recommend this cd to any hip-hip lover, actually anyone that appreciates authentic, quality music. The artist, Proverb, paints a lyrical illustration that encourages the listener to follow Christ and spurs them on to choose the right way. The song, "Never Quit," even affirms the greatness that we have inside of us which allows us to continue in life regardless of pitfalls and detours. This cd serves as an incredible alternative to the deragatory and negative messages in hip-hop today by presenting the great message of salvation without the iron fist of religious undertones.” - DJ MSG

Prov's First Solo Project, A Good Thing. Reviewer: Mikey Morris Proverb's been a part of 1-Way for a LONG time, but this is his first solo project. And it goes to show how blessed he is. From the convicting and pure truthful lyrics, to the hot beats and tracks, this album has "must have" written all over it. He's got the experience of the veteran from being around the industry for years. Some people may call his style "old school", it sounds like an instant classic to me. This isn't dirty south sounding or east/west coast or anything like that. It's just a common man's rap about a God that's changed his world forever. I loved this album, the ONLY reason I gave it a 4/5 is because of it's length, only 10 songs. 10 GOOD songs, but it left me wanting more. Prov's been blessed, there's no question about that, I'm hoping that God goes on to bless us with another great album from the man from Bomb Beach.” - Mikey Morris

— CD Baby

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