I am a Christ follower. As a Christian artist is is my honor & mandate to share The Gospel with others. Here is a tool that I use to do it. I hope it helps you as well. If you are watching this and you don't know Christ, try to listen with a open heart. Identify where you are in the circles and do something about it. You can email me at proverb@proverbnewsome.com I would love to talk and pray with you. After all there is only two reasons to live... To know Him and To make Him known!

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Previous events

Holy Hip-Hop Online Concert


Summer @ The Vil

Summer @ The Vil, 3600 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida

Proverb will be performing with DJ Hektic



Westgate Park

Westgate Park, 3691 Oswego Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida

My dude 2Edge will also be performing.